Kosher for Paleo?

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A few weeks back was the period of Pessah - the jewish holiday of passover. You might be wondering how this can be related to the paleo diet...But it is actually very interesting!

During passover, according to jewish faith, anything with enzymes, rice, pasta, etc, can not be consumed. They do eat "matza" bread - but I think they will agree when I say that this can not be considered "bread"...

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, kosher recipes during passover will never contain any mix between dairy and meat. No bread, pasta, or rice. Some recipes might have potatoes, but a lot of recipes don't.

When you are on the lookout for recipes, it is easy to find some inspiration in jewish "kosher for passover" cookbooks. Filter out anything with potatoes and matzas, and presto!

There are lots of kosher cookbooks out there. But very few paleo cookbooks! It's easy to find inspiration for recipes this way.

Anyway, thanks to my jewish friends for pointing this out to me!

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#1 2010-05-13 16:04
This is so true. Being Jewish myself and keeping a kosher home, it is easy to find Passover (Pesach) reciepes that will work for Paleo. Keeping Kosher -- not mixing dairy and meat is a standard, not just a Passover tradition, that is how we eat all meals.

Yes I agree with you -- matza cannot be considered bread!

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