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Paleo diet and children

For those who are a fan of paleo-recipes.com on facebook, you'll have seen that there was a short discussion on the paleo diet and children.

When we are following any diet, the question of whether or not we want to include our family members inevitably arises. Luckily, the paleo diet is so rich in foods that it becomes very easy to include the entire family. No cooking two different meals on the same night to please everyone :o)

I had the luck of being raised in a family where healthy eating and regular exercise were very much part of our education. Looking back at how my parents handled it, I think they did fairly well.

They managed to find a healthy balance between ensuring we ate healthy meals at home, but didn't stop us from being free to eat what we were served when eating with friends or anywhere outside the house. 80% of the time, we'd eat at home and eat healthy, good meals. Out of the other 20 %, I suppose there was some junkfood involved.

Giving us this freedom allowed us to fully enjoy social activities without anything blocking us.

However dedicated we are towards our diet, I think it is important to recognize certain limits on how we impose our diet on younger family members. Giving them solid, healthy eatig habits as of a young age will surely motivate them in future to continue eating healthily. Stopping them alltogether from eating non-paleo when outside of the house however, might even lead to them discarding their healthy habits completely.

The question also arises at what age children can start eating according to the paleo diet. At a young age, calcium intake is very important. Here are some pointers from members from our facebook page:

"just watch they get enought calcium intake, a calcium supplement may help if no dairy/soy in their diet. Green veggies (eg collard greens, spinach, kale, broccoli), almonds are great calcium containing foods (but you do need alot. especially for teen girls). Also, the more frequent meals is a must for calorie intake and glucose maintenance for some."

So anyway, just some food for thought for when we set off on converting our family members to healthy modern cavemen ;)

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