Ridiculously Easy Pumpkin & Carrot Soup

This soup is one of those little soups that is soooo easy, and always manages to surprize people!

The trick to a fantastic soup is to use fresh herbs!  If you get that right...It's difficult to mess it up.



Half of a small sized pumpkin
4 large carrots
1 large ognion
1 cube of chicken stock
a couple fresh leaves of parsley
1/3 a clove of garlic
one sprig of chervil
a couple of leaves of coriander
3 tbs of olive oil


Peel the carrots and the pumpkin. (You'll be surprized how easy it is to peel a pumpkin with a potato peeler).Cut the pumpkin into large chunks and remove the seeds. Once the seeds are out, you can cut it up further in
smaller chunks. Chop the carrots into pieces of about a 1/2 inch (a good cm) wide, and chop up the oignon. Crush the garlic.

Grab a very large pot for soup and pour in some olive oil. Add the ognion and heat them gently until slightly golden. Add the garlic. Add the carrot and pumpkin. Depending on the size of the pumpkin, you might have too much.(you've got to much if you've added so much pumpkin that you can't find your carrots back)If that is the case, you can easily freeze the remaining pumpkin for later use.

Turn down the heat and at some water to the pot. You should fill the pot about halfway up to the height of the pumpkin and carrots. Don't add to much, as you'll loose the taste. Cover the pot and allow it to heat gently.

Now this is done, it's time to chop de herbs! Chop up the chervil,parsley and coriander. Try to smell the herbs individually! If afterwards you find your soup tastes to strong, you'll be able to tell which herb to use less of in future because you know its smell! Keep some coriander aside as we'll use this to sprinkle on top after.

Throw the chopped herbs into the pot of simmering soup and give it spin to make sure the herbs are nicely mixed in between the rest. Cover it up with the lid and let it do its thing.After about 25 minutes, check if the carrots are cooked. They should be nice and soft, not soggy. Grab a heavy spoon and gently crush the pumpkin and carrot - you should have a thick mixture with lots of chunks of carrot and pumpkin. Turn of the heat and allow it to cool down a bit - you're going to be blending the whole lot.

In the meatime, heat a small pan of water and add the chicken stock. Don't bring it to the boil, just make sure the stock dissolves.

Thoroughly blend the soup now that it as cooled down to obtain a lovely, creamy, thick texture. Pour the blended into another large pot (you can use the same one if you've rinsed it from the remaining bits).

You should have a very thick smooth soup now. Add the warm stock gently while stirring until you find the soup runny enough to your liking.

Sprinkle with some coriander and enjoy...

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The Paleo diet (abbreviation for Paleolithic diet) is a diet which is inspired by the manner in which our ancestors ate. More specifically, it is inspired by our ancestors from the Paleolithic age (approximately 2,600,000 to 10,000 years ago).

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Our eating habits have however changed multiple times, now including many products that our 99.99% still Paleolithic genetic build-up was never supposed to eat! The basic assumption of the Paleo diet is that the by eating the foods that our body is supposed to eat, healthyness and quality of life increases.